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Industrial Gearboxes For Industry, Quarries, Feed Mills, Sawmills, Farm, Hobby, Or Most Any Use

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We sell many brands, types and sizes of gearboxes. We have the expertise to identify and cross reference most gearboxes including obsolete brands, models or manufacturers. For assistance call toll free (877) 266-8202 or e-mail us with you whatever information you have. Below is a list of information that would be helpful in sizing or identifying  most gearboxes. 

Motor horsepower? What ratio is it? What is the input shaft size? What is  the output shaft size? What output speed do you need? What type of equipment is it used on? Is this a new application or is it a replacement? If this is for replacement purposes it would help to know the brand and model number of the old one. e-mail us for help.

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