The helical gear style (seen in the upper and middle left hand) are used on heavy duty applications such as trough belt conveyors in a mine or rock crusher. Call us for a quote.

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We can identify and interchange most model numbers. Which is helpful if the unit you are trying to replace is obsolete. The following information would be helpful when you call, fax or e-mail. Brand (you are trying to replace), shaft size you are mounting it on, input shaft size, motor horsepower,  sheave (pulley) sizes (if it has a belt drive) and what type equipment is it used on. For other styles of gearboxes and speed reducers visit this link gearboxes/speed reducers also check out our conveyor components, conveyor belting,  electric motors, CBS-Conveyors And  Stacker Pictures, Radial Stackers, CBS-Stuff You Need To Know pages.

We also sell replacement parts for many, many  brands and models.

Other gearbox/ speed reducer Types. Cycloidal, Gear Motors, Right Angle Worm Gear, Planetary Gearbox/Speed Reducer, Right Angle Bevel Gearbox, Vertical Mount

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We furnish many types and sizes of helical gear shaft mount speed reducers. To fit most shaft sizes and motor horsepower. We also carry many brands. We have also hollow output right  angle worm reducers  (which you  can see in the picture to the lower  left) ; they are are used for low horsepower light duty applications such as small slider bed conveyors.

Shaft Mount Reducers